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50mm DMX Square Pixel Light

50mm DMX Square Pixel Light

☑:Providing advanced features and flexibility for lighting design and project execution with the smart and intelligent control system and extraordinary lighting effect.
☑:50mm DMX Square Pixel Light could match the needs of lighting designers and installers to provide flexibility and convenience in design, installation and facilities management.
☑:Perfect light wherever you need it. Meet the new LED Pixel Light and The cable thickness has been doubled, so you can now cover much more distance with a single LED string. Installing the strings is still a piece of cake.
☑:The Panel can be controlled by Art-net controller to achieve different lighting effects through Madrix, Madmapper, ArKaos... kinds of software programming.

  • Specification
  • Dimension
  • Connection
  • Application




3/6 RGB LEDs


Standard DMX512 & 3 Channel



50000HRS Working Service


-20~50℃ Operating




Diameter: 30/50/64/80/100/120mm

Cover: Milky/Transparent/Honeycomb/Aluminum

Pixel Spacing: 10/15/20/30cm...

Pixel QTY per string: 10/20/30/50pcs.

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