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502 Led Controller

502 Led Controller

☑:502 Led Controller is an off-line control version that supports SD card storage animation date, convenient and quick.
☑:The controller output with 2-port SPI signal and 2-port DMX 512 signal.
☑:There is a remote to set the controller parameters, such as IC type, the controller number, Program fragment, Play speed, and Jump frequency, etc.
☑:It can be multiple controllers used in combination for your lighting project.

  • Specification
  • Dimension
  • Connection
  • Application

Working voltage

AC 12V/ DC 7.5V~24V


DMX512/UCS1903/WS2811 etc.

Output interface

Synchronous serial shift data signalx2, Compatible with DMX512 signalx2(Can not be output at the same time)


SPI: 1024pixels/port, DMX:512 pixels/port

Rated power


SD card capacity

4GB(Factory standard)

Interface form

3Pin Terminal×5, 4Pin Terminal×2

Control Color

RGB three primary colors、RGBW four primary colors、Full color display

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