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Led Sub Controller

Led Sub Controller

☑:LCL-MR-208D is a Slaver Controller that supports on-line and off-line control.
☑:The Controller supports standard USITT DMX512/1990 Universal Protocol and expands DMX512 Protocol. 8-port output, the single port output is standard 512-channel.
☑:It can directly connect with the PC to control the lights or work with MR-BF02 Master Controller.
☑:Synchronous and asynchronous play of contents of video and image files of multiple formats.

  • Specification
  • Dimension
  • Connection
  • Application

Working voltage


Max power



DMX512/UCS1903/WS2811 etc.



Control method

On-line&Off-line control

SD card

FAT format(2GB)

Working temperature


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